Our Machines by Weeks Forestry Limited 

We are the only forestry contractors in Devon to own our own fleet of harvesting machinery. 
Our purpose built, versatile machinery can handle all types of terrain with ease, to undertake steep harvesting, clearfell and thinning services and forward all wood to roadside. 
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Komatsu 931XC Harvester

Komatsu 931XC Harvester 

The 931xc is a harvester used to cut down the trees, it strips the branches off and cuts them accurately into pre-selected lengths. 

Kobelco HarvaDig 

The HarvaDig Forestry Excavator system is a versatile machine which can be used for harvesting wood and can easily be transferred in to a digger. This machine has a smaller head then our harvester so it is great to use for smaller estate work. 
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Komatsu 855.3 Forwarder 

The 855.2 is a forwarder which is used to pick up the timber after the harvester has cut it into lengths, it then takes it into the loading bay to which it gets stacked ready for a timber lorry to collect. 

Valtra T174 Tractor  

We have two Valtra T174 tractors with kronos cranes. We use these tractors for a variety of different jobs, including extracting wood, winching and low loader work. 

Hyundai 125 Robex Digger 

We use our digger predominantly for constructing tracks in woodland. The digger is also used to reinstate tracks after a job is complete and for brash tracking ready for replanting. 
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Valmet Tractor 

We have a Valmet tractor with a winch and roof mounted crane. This machine is used to winch trees on steep ground and for dealing with mature hardwood. This can also be used for secondary extraction. 

Volvo FH Lorry 

The volvo FH lorry with timber trailer and crane collects timber from the site and then delivers to the customer. 
All of our team are fully qualified and insured to use our machinery and with health and safety  
in mind, our machinery is checked daily and serviced regularly. 
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